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Bouton / Boukakuan is a rental space and overnight stay facility located in a corner of Nogata City's shopping district.

- Feelings -

Co-creating Time and Space

End of December 2016 I came across this place and found this book here.
It all starts here
I am here now, weaving words from the life of my landlord Minoru Takasu (died in March 2018) and from this book, and continuing to create [Bouton/Boukakuan], which at this time did not yet have a name.

Oblivion and Reunion
 What do we forget
  Reality time?
 What will we encounter?
  Good old times gone by?    

    Kaii Higashiyama From Byakuya no Tabi

- Events -

Experience Lodging Project

People, things, and words in the town


We want you to love 100% Japanese silk fabrics more, and we will bring excitement to you by wearing something a little better.

Lapis moon

Time to face your inner self now while enjoying the art of freely coloring lotus leaves.The art I have created to express my inner self is who I am today.


MIZUHIKI has long been known as a good luck charm and is said to "connect people to people." We aim to create products that connect people to people using MIZUHIKI, which has been handed down in Japan since ancient times.

- Bouton -

Rental Space

From small town to town Connecting the places that are connected A place for quiet flow

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- Boukakuan -

private accommodation

Traveling the margins of everyday life and routine

For second and subsequent reservations, please visit the menu.

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- Business Locations -

Office name:Bouton / Boukakuan
Representative:Maiko Shimizu
Address2-8 Tonomachi, Nogata City, Fukuoka, Japan