- 2.The Beginning of Everything -

March and April 2011

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, and since then, every day has been unsettled.The incoming news and our own daily lives.Eldest daughter graduates from preschool,Closing of the former Wakamiya South Elementary School,Interaction between schools and parents due to the entrance of the eldest daughter into elementary school and the consolidation of elementary schools,Pick up and drop off at elementary school and daycare… Hospital work, housework

Looking back now, I wonder how I was able to move so quickly, but at that time, I found time to visit the community association president, city hall, and the board of education, wrote my thoughts on an unfamiliar computer, and continued to take action to make the vacant school building available as a place where I could interact with the children.

Hoping that in 10 years, when my daughters are in middle school and high school, something will be circulating.